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Surf-related business is very competitive in Fuerteventura. connects passionate surfers with the top providers around.

By being a hub of information relevant to Fuerteventura surf tourists, attracts a qualified audience for the surf industry.

Sponsoring, will get you visibility towards this crowd, and get more clients without having to make any effort.

A young and promising project

January 2022February 2022March 2022April 2022May 2022June 2022July 2022August 2022September 2022October 2022November 2022December 2022January 2023February 2023March 202301002003004005006007008009001000Visits to - 2022-2023

More than 6000 people visited since its launch in January 2022.

The web traffic was acquired by relying only on organic growth and word of mouth, without any advertising spend.

We keep enhancing the site to become the content hub for surfing in Fuerteventura and in the Canary islands.

Where surf trips are organized

Surf in Fuerteventura: the knowledge base

Daily surf forecast display on a smartphone is publishing and promoting educational content directly relevant to surfers, and focused on the specifics of the island.

This content is relevant to both surfers already in the island, and surfers planning a surf trip to Fuerteventura, likely in need of a surf camp.

Surf camps have the opportunity to sponsor this content and be featured next to this content, gaining both in visibility and reputation, as a supporter of the initiative.

Fuerteventura surf guides

Our original resources are quick to read and easy to share.

  • Introduction to surfing in Fuerteventura North
  • 12 essentials spot guides
  • 12 complete spot guides
  • Surf etiquette and safety guide
  • Understanding the surf conditions (swell, wind, tides)

We focus on creating top quality content, visual and engaging.

Content partners are featured with an unobtrusive invitation to book a surf class right inside the spot guides, and a "thank you" mention to the sponsors in the credits page.

Practical resources

Useful information to surfers staying in the island is presented

  • Where to get your board repaired
  • Where to buy a new or second hand board / wetsuit / accessory
  • Book a photoshoot
  • Directory of surf spot webcams
  • Where to get a massage / do yoga / ...

Accurate surf forecast

Daily surf forecast display on a smartphone

During the surf trips, surfers come back to on a daily basis in order to check the surf forecast. uses weather forecast from the Spanish weather agency. Accuracy is generally better than other sources. created its own innovative visual representation of the surf conditions, provided in multiple flavors:

  • Beginner-friendly surf forecast
  • Detailed surf forecast
  • Interactive map

Only one space is available for a featured partner, get it while it's available!

Surf camps directory coming soon

Surfers organizing a trip to Fuerteventura can lookup the surf camps in, and book directly from there.

By getting listed in the surf camps directory, you should get more bookings, without having to make any extra effort in order to be found by your target customers.

A multitude of promotion opportunities

Starting in September 2022 with the surf season, is progressively releasing new features and content. Each is the occasion to make announcements to the community, via social media, local communities and the press. We have the habit of iterating quickly and bringing new features frequently, as our news page shows.

By becoming a content partner or a sponsor, you benefit of this by being featured in our social media posts.

Educational content

Community features

  • November 2022: ✅ Detailed surf forecast
  • December 2022:
    • Book a surf camp
    • Book a surf class
  • January 2023: Book a photoshoot.
  • Somewhere in 2023: Guest and community blogs

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About us

Photography of Mehdi, the founder of
Photography by David Priester. Born out of a passion for surf... and data.

Mehdi El Fadil is the founder of Passionate surfer, he also has 15 years of experience in using data to provide insights to users. Beyond the technicalities, knowledge management, education and communication are key aspects of the process.

Mehdi and his partners keep using their skills and doing research and innovation, with a focus on surfers' experience and needs.

As surfing is getting more and more popular, has been created with a mission to keep the sport fun and sustainable.

📍 is being built from El Cotillo, come say hi if you want :)

FAQ is new, small, does not have much traffic. Why should I bother and support it? has demonstrated is ability to do the following, during its pilot project (first semester of 2022):

  • Attract an audience of engaged surfers, connected to Fuerteventura.
  • Create innovative solutions for surf forecasting.
  • Iterate frequently to keep enhancing the product and user experience (42 releases between January and May 2022).

We're working hard on scaling the project up, feel welcome to join in case you want to support our values, and also benefit from it.

Moreover, aims at promoting surf safety and sustainainability, which are values you probably want to associate yourself to.

How can succeed without doing paid advertising / promoted content?

Ads "work", we are not denying that. Our problem with it is that for each client an ad brings you, a few thousand other people have been bothered by an ad not relevant for them (regardless of how 'targeted' the advertising networks pretend they are), flashing on their screen, slowing down or even interrupting their web browsing experience, eating their bandwidth, leaking their private data...

This is why we prefer inbound marketing instead. Here is how we catch the attention of the audience:

  • Publish content with a focus on relevance for surfing in Fuerteventura.
  • Optimize pages for search engine indexes. Many SEO specialists tend to overlook some basics, we pay attention to some details making a difference.
  • Provide a smooth usability to users, and make the content easy to share on their networks.
  • Collaborate with the network of local businesses and content producers to grow the community.

Fuerteventura North is already crowded. Won't you bring even more people in here?

Word of mouth, large popular surf forecast websites, and advertisements ran by surf businesses do the damage already., a small scale project, is not likely to have any significant impact on the situation.

On the other hand, is actively promoting responsible behaviors, like not getting in the water if a spot is already crowded. A guide about surf etiquette is under creation, educating about safe behaviors in the water, and how not to be a kook.

What about the secret surf spots? only shows the well known surf spots, and does not include the secret spots, or advanced local spots.

Wrapping it up!

As we have seen in this page, whether you are a surf camp, surf shop, instructor, yoga teacher or massage therapist, is an opportunity to get more visible towards your clients, while supporting sustainability of Fuerteventura's surf industry.

If you're ready to ride with us, get in touch, you're welcome.