Sponsorship policy - funding Gonna.surf

Gonna.surf is open to support (either financial or in other valuable benefit) by selected partner organizations, which in turn gain some visibility towards the users of gonna.surf.


By sponsoring gonna.surf, you support the creation and maintenance of resources enhancing the surfing experience in Fuerteventura.

Sponsorship should also be beneficial to yourself:

  • Your brand gets seen by surfers every day, who might become your clients thanks to this.
  • Your brand gets associated to an initiative promoting sustainability in surfing.
  • Your website's ranking on search engines should increase as you gain extra hyperlink(s) to it.


  • Topic fit: sponsors should be relevant for the audience of gonna.surf, and therefore be related to the topics covered by gonna.surf.
  • Visibility: gonna.surf offers varying levels of visibility to the sponsors, depending on the amounts donated. No guarantee is given on the number of website visitors or readers which will see the sponsor's information.
  • Limited availability: gonna.surf can only accept a limited number of sponsors, in order to keep the visitor's reading experience suitable.
  • Branding: gonna.surf may edit the colors of sponsors logos, in order to match with its visual identity. Animated and flashing images are not allowed.
  • Duration: sponsorship agreements are concluded for a duration of one year (unless otherwise agreed). The sponsorship agreements are not renewed automatically, and concluded sponsorship agreements not refundable.
  • Sustainability: when they have the possibility to publish content inside gonna.surf website, sponsors should not promote motorized sports (jet-skis, electric surfboards, e-foils...) inside the gonna.surf platform. Tracking pixels in the content uploaded by sponsors are not allowed.
  • Sponsors selection: gonna.surf retains the right to decline sponsorship from any organization, in its sole discretion. In particular, gonna.surf will not consider sponsorship applications with any organization which:
    • might create a negative impression of gonna.surf to the public,
    • discriminates against people on the basis of gender or gender reassignment, race, ethnicity, disability, nationality, sexual orientation, age or religion/belief,
    • promotes or is involved in gambling, tobacco, pornography, weaponry or similar activities,
    • promotes particular religious activities, or is a lobby or pressure group or political party.
  • Donations: the present policy is not applicable to benevolent donations by private individuals or organizations, in order to support the website.


In order to apply to sponsor gonna.surf, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Sponsor candidate sends application via the Gonna.surf for sponsors page.
  2. Gonna.surf accepts or rejects the application, based on its content and the availability of sponsoring spots.
  3. If accepted, the sponsor sends payment, his logo, description texts, possibly photos (depending on the sponsoring tier selected).
  4. Once all the information is received, gonna.surf lists the sponsor in agreed locations in the website.