Surfing at Piedra PlayaThe essentialsWest coast's beach breakAll levels, depending on the conditionsswipe
N~ 100m1. OverviewNorth sectionSurfKite-surf areaNo surfSouth sectionSurfSwimming areaNo surfRocksRocks
2. Access1kmfrom El Cotillo20kmfrom Corralejo28.6742, -14.00761km extrato South sectionParkingNorth section
3. Catching wavesNorth section peakBoth directionsSouth section peakMostly right-handers
4. SafetyClose outAvoid big daysShorebreakDon't surf if it's too shallow at the breakRocksAt the edges of the sections
5. CharacteristicsFast waveAngle your take-offGreat in small conditionsBigger swells tend to close outLess windy than the North shoreA bit protected from frequent NNE windsBetter at mid-tideTo enjoy rides a bit longer
6. FeaturingTeiva Joyeuxprivate surf instructorshared tips about the spot 👌Instagram: @teivajoyeuxHelp us create more spot guides
7. What now?Surf conditions right now 0.6m waves with 25km/h cross windCheck West station surf forecast..Look at the webcamsDon't litter - Follow the surf etiquetteKeep it funBeach photos by Hanna and Janosch on Unsplash Aerial imagery derived from content - CC BY 4.0Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Map data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA.
Piedra Playa surf spot - the essentialsgonna.surfCC BY NC - updated 11-2022