Surfing at La CaletaThe essentialsSmall spot with a clean left-hander breakIntermediates and advancedswipe
N~ 45m1. OverviewPeakSurfEntry / exitWalk over reefChannelPaddle out
2. Access28.7436, -13.91677kmfrom Corralejo2.5kmfrom MajanichoDirt roadAccessible for all vehiclesParking 2Rough road, 4x4 onlyParking 1small cars
3. Catching wavesMain peakLeft handersReference pointIslandReformsEasier
4. SafetyCurrentBe aware of your positionShallow rocks near exit pointDon't miss the sweet spotLong walk over rocksSensitive feet should use booties
5. CharacteristicsNeeds Northern swellNorth-western swell doesn't wrap into itBetter at low-tideAvoid high amplitude tidesSmall spotNot many peaks, easily crowdedCompetitiveRespect the surf etiquette and safety rules
7. What now?Surf conditions right now 0.5m waves with 24km/h onshore windCheck North-East surf forecast for details.Did you like this guide?Don't litter - Follow the surf etiquetteKeep it funCredits: aerial photos derived from content - CC BY 4.0Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Map data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA.
La Caleta surf spot - the essentialsgonna.surfCC BY NC - updated 02-2024