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Surfing at Punta BlancaThe essentialsDiscover a fun reef break spotfor improversswipe
~ 30m1. OverviewPeakSurfBeachGet in / outChannelPaddle out
2. AccessDirt roadAccessible for all vehicles28.7237, -13.98857.4kmfrom El Cotillo6.5kmfrom Majanicho
3. Catching wavesLeft-handersSometimesMain peakMostly right-handersReformsEasierReference pointIsland
4. SafetySea urchinsCareful at low tideRocksShallow bottomCurrentBe aware of your position
5. CharacteristicsSwell magnetCatches waves from all northern directionsBest at mid-tideAvoid low tide when big ( >= 1.5m )Plenty of wavesGreat to practice but often messyVery crowded when goodAlso used daily by surf schools
6. What now?Surf conditions right now 1.3m waves with 32km/h cross-on windCheck North-West station surf forecast for details.Did you like this guide?Don't litter - Follow the surf etiquetteKeep it funCredits: aerial photos derived from content - CC BY 4.0Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Map data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA.
Punta blanca surf spot - the essentialsgonna.surfCC BY NC - updated 05-2024