Gonna.surf Terms of service

Thanks for using gonna.surf.

This document explains the terms under which the information and services we provide can be used.


Using the website and mobile app

General principle

The information in gonna.surf is provided "as-is" and "as available". We cannot guarantee that it is correct or up to date. We do not assume any responsibility on your use of the information. You surf at your own risks.

Surf forecast

Surfing is a dangerous sport, and surf forecasting is not an exact science.

Gonna.surf does not guarantee that the surf conditions presented in the website are accurate. The color indicators and description of the conditions (like "Green - conditions are good") do not necessarily mean that it is safe to go surfing.

Always check by yourself that the conditions are safe before starting a surf session. Take classes with professional surf instructors in case of doubt.

Gonna.surf cannot be held responsible of any accident, dammage or trouble occuring while you surf or go surfing.

Spot guides

Gonna.surf spot guides provide indications about how surf spot work in common conditions. Surf spots can look and behave very different based on the weather, so we do not give any guarantee that reading them is sufficient to be safe in the water. Again, if you are in doubt, and/or lack of experience to assess the safety of the conditions, get the supervision of professional surf instructors.

'Surf better' Knowledge base

Gonna.surf's series of educational articles provide some guidelines and tips to help you progress in surf and learn about safety practices. We do not guarantee that these articles are complete or sufficient.

Booking services from partners

Gonna.surf offers the possibility to book services such as a surf photoshoot or surf classes directly from the website / app. These services are provided by partner organizations totally independent from Gonna.surf.

The services are to be paid by you directly to the partner organization, and gonna.surf might earn a commission whenever you perform a reservation from our website / app.

Gonna.surf has verified that the proposed partners are real companies or people, and work seriously. However, gonna.surf does not take any responsibility about the provided service and cannot guarantee your satisfaction.

Last update: 2024-03-21.