detailed surf forecast

Entubadera, Flag beach, El Burro, Playa Del Moro

06 h Flat 09 h Flat 12 h 15 h 18 h
Primary swell
0 kW - 7 s0.3 m NW
0 kW - 8 s0.3 m NNW
0 kW - 7 s0.2 m NNW
0 kW - 8 s0.3 m NW
0 kW - 4 s0.3 m NNE
offshore 8 km/h WNW
cross 9 km/h NNW
cross-on 24 km/h NE
onshore 26 km/h ENE
onshore 23 km/h ENE
Tide 🌗
high - 08:11low - 14:40high - 20:59undefined

Today, surf conditions are bad. There are no waves, it is flat. You might want to look at another coast to find surf.

The swell is pretty stable during the whole day, with an average height of 0.3 m. In the morning, the swell direction is fluctuating, NNW in average. It is then is shifting in the afternoon, from NW to ENE. The wind is picking up in the morning, from 8 km/h (WNW) to 25 km/h (ENE).The wind is dying down, from 26 km/h (ENE) to 21 km/h (ENE).

Forecast was updated 3 hours ago.

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Map of the area covered by this forecast, and nearby surf spots
Surf spots in the area.

This forecast is located in the open sea, at about 8 km to the East of Playa Del Moro.

Ground swells do not frequently reach the spots on the East coast, which have the reputation to work well whenever there is some wind swell.

The East coast is a good fallback location whenever the waves are too big and messy in the North.

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