Fuerteventura surf spots webcams

A few tourism or surf-related organizations broadcast live feed showing surf spots in Fuerteventura. We provide a link to these webcams in this page.

While most of the feeds could have a better quality, they still provide hints about how the spots are working.

âŦ…ī¸ Surf spot webcams in the West Coast

Aerial view of punta blanca surf spot
  1. Piedra Playa (El Cotillo). This one is quite particular as it is facing backwards: from the sea, pointing towards the beach. It still gives an idea of the wave size, and crowd level.
  2. Piedra Playa (El Cotillo). Side-view of the beach from far away. This webcam takes a picture each minute, instead of offering a live video stream. It can be interesting in case the other webcam is not working, just to guess whether some waves are breaking....

Read also: Piedra Playa Essentials, our visual spot guide.

âŦ†ī¸ Surf spot webcams in the North Coast

Aerial view of punta blanca surf spot
Annotated screenshot of El Hierro / Bubble webcam.

➡ī¸ Surf spot webcams in the East Coast

  • Punta Elena (aka Rocky point), Lobos, Entubadera. This one is impressive: the webcam keeps panning and zooming in order to show how each surf spot near Corralejo is. It even zooms in and give an idea about whether there's a wave in Lobos island.

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Last updated: 2024-02-06