detailed surf forecast

Esquinzo, Piedra Playa

06 h 09 h 12 h 15 h 18 h
Primary swell
5 kW - 8 s1.1 m NNW
4 kW - 8 s1.1 m NNW
4 kW - 10 s0.9 m NNW
4 kW - 7 s1 m NW
3 kW - 9 s0.8 m N
cross-on 4 km/h NNW
cross 5 km/h NNE
cross 25 km/h NNE
cross 26 km/h NNE
offshore 19 km/h ENE
Tide 🌗
high - 08:11low - 14:40high - 20:59undefined

This morning, the surf should start good, then get worse, becoming bad. Waves should have a medium-low power, with very low to fairly strong cross winds.

In the afternoon, the surf should start bad, then get better, becoming fair. Waves should have medium-low power to medium power, with fairly strong cross to mild cross-off winds.

The swell is pretty stable during the whole day, coming from NNW with an average height of 1 m. The wind direction is is shifting , from NNW to ENE. The wind is springing up in the morning, from 2 km/h to 25 km/h. It is then dying down in the afternoon, from 26 km/h to 18 km/h.

Forecast was updated 4 hours ago.

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Map of the area covered by this forecast, and nearby surf spots
Surf spots in the area.

This forecast is at a location about 7 km at the West of Piedra playa and Esquinzo surf spots, in the open water.

You may want to read our Piedra Playa Essentials spot guide for tips about this beach-break spot right outside of El Cotillo village.

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