Reading a surf forecastThe essentialsGet familiar with forecast datain two minutes.swipe
Surf forecast presents forecast visually.Let's break down each component in the following slides.
Colored recommendationsGoodFairNot so goodBadColors show how the surf might be.
Swell forecastSwell directionSwell powerSwell periodSwell power color indicatorWave heightSwell panel shows all relevant info in a compact layout.
0.8m1.7m2.4m1.7m1.7m1.7m5kW14kW43kWSwell height and powerWave height is not everythingPay attention to theswell powerGentleNice!Danger!😌😄😱
Wind forecastWind directionWind direction, relative to the shoreWind speed color indicatorWind speedColors provide cues about the wind characteristics.
How wind affects the wavesStrong onshore wind makes waves choppyNo wind or low offshore wind creates cleaner waves
Tide prediction chartNearest moon phaseSea level curveHigh and low tides timesSea level zeroView the predicted sea level at any time of the day.
Viewing sea levelTap on the chart to show the sea level value at that hour.
Spring and neap tidesFull moon: spring tideFirst quarter moon: neap tide2.7 m0.9 mCurve height shows how important the tide variations are.
Set your preferencesMeasurement units: metric, imperialMain measure: wave height or swell powerColorblind-friendly mode
Get as much detail as you likeHalf-day summary3 hours intervalsHourly dataExtra swell information
Next stepsLearn moreIntroduction to Wave Forecasting (video) Check the hourly surf forecastWestNorth-WestNorth-EastEastCover slide photo by Linus Nylund on Unsplash