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Positioning in the surf - Main concepts & best practicesPositioning in the surfMain concepts &best practices6 terms to communicate effectively6 positioning tips to surf safely and stress freeswipe
Positioning vocabularyInside/Outside is relative to the landOutsideInside"paddle out" = "go further away from the land""paddle in" = "go closer to the land"or "leave the water"
Positioning vocabularyLeft/right is when facing the landRightLeft
Positioning vocabularyWide/Deep is relative to the wave's peakWiderDeeperToo deep, you mightget stuck in the white washToo wide,the waves won't push you
Positioning tip 1Paddle out wideDon't get in the way of people catching waves
Positioning tip 2Give way to people surfingWhen caught inside, paddle towards thebroken part of the wave
Positioning tip 3Don't sit right in frontof other surfersWait on the side
Positioning tip 4Keep your distancefrom other surfers
Positioning tip 5Announce where you go
Positioning tip 6Use a reference pointCurrents might push you away from your positionCheck regularly whether you are drifting
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